Logically, what is the first thing someone looks at upon loading your website? Without getting too specific, it is obviously your design. People will immediately absorb the color scheme, the images, and the general feel presented by your website's design. This would make the next question obvious: what is the most important part of a website? Some people may argue content, but if people leave your site before getting to view your content you have achieved nothing at all. That is where I come in, you tell me what you need and I'll deliver it to your specifications. I have experience in many styles of web design. Dark templates, light templates, personal templates, vibrant templates, etc. I can insert adjectives before the word 'templates' all day, but my point is I will deliver what you request. Take a look at my portfolio for my experience.

Why me?

There are a lot of qualities that go into a good designer, and those are the qualities you should check for. The most obvious is how well they can design a site, right? Of course, if you appreciate and like my style of design then that is always a good start. But there are a few key qualities you should look out for, as well. The first is: how well is their portfolio site coded/designed? This falls under the same category as the first quality, but there is more to it. You have the design, what you see. But then when you look at the source code, you have the coding. This usually consists of xhtml (hypertext markup language) and css (cascading stylesheet). Is their coding clean? Is it verified by W3C Validator? If their code looks messy and is unverified, you can expect the same in your website. What if you want to go and modify the code in the future but don't understand the designer's mess? What if you want to change something but it screws the whole theme up because it isn't validated by W3C? You'd run into a dead end, so this is an essential step in choosing your designer. The last quality would be passion. Does this guy do it for money only? Or does he genuinely enjoy designing and coding while fitting other people's needs and making them happy. You will want a designer with a passion for the art of web design, because that quality will shine through in your design without a doubt.

You want a designer with those three qualities, and luckily for you your search is over. I contain each of them. I have a good eye for a good design/color scheme, have a fully validated XHTML/CSS website (and expect yours to be the same), and have a passion for doing this. Check out my portfolio then open the contact page to get started.